5 Ways You Can Fit Triathlon Training Into Your Hectic Schedule

One reason that is most commonly mentioned among triathletes is finding the time or simply the lack of it. However, studies suggest that those who train regularly are just as busy with their daily obligations that include their jobs, family, and other responsibilities. While time is always a challenge for athletes, it might be hard to find quality time to exercise on a daily basis. But there are still options.

Here are 5 ways you can fit triathlon training into your hectic schedule.

Prioritize Your Training Time

While most of us are pressed for time and daily obligations, make time to fit your training into your daily life. What sacrifices are you willing to make to find time to train? While there are no concrete answers, these answers will depend on you.

Start a Schedule

Write out what you do on a daily basis. Look for any time spots that are left wasted or empty to create more time to train. Do you notice yourself watching more than an hour of TV at night? Why not cut back and work in a 30-minute workout. Create a schedule that will minimize wasted time and add more time to your training.

Build A Trusted Training Partner

Time spent on training can be left uncertain when you train alone. So why not find a compatible training partner to keep you motivated? Set up a proper time to train with your partner will make you less likely to skip a session than if you went at it alone.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

Most athletes get more results when they focus on the quality of their training rather than the quantity. Before you look for ways to increase the quantity of your training, increase the quality. Keep your training routine well-rounded with high-speed intervals and resistance training.

Make it Seasonal

You don’t need to train at your peak levels during the entire year. You can have great success by training hard for six months out of the year and following low-key workouts during the offseason. Use the offseason to spend on other priorities that you might have neglected during the peak year.


Keep the balance with your training and daily lifestyle for effective results. It will ultimately lead to a better lifestyle that is well-balanced between training and your daily obligations.

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