Established in 2012, Team Durham Triathlon has become one of the strongest and largest tri clubs in all of Britain. We take pride in all levels of athletes who join our club as we cater to all trainers from starting levels to Ironman competitors.

As the largest triathlon club in the UK, Team Durham Triathlon has annual members that represent in major races that include the Challenger World London Triathlon Elite, ETU European Triathlon Championships, and the ITU World Championships Ironman World Championships. Additionally, we have also grown to become a leading source of support and advice for triathletes across the country.

Here at Team Durham Triathlon, we are based on the principle of building motivation through supporting our members from beginner levels to Ironman athletes. Through our mission, we train World champion athletes with beginners to better improve and growth. Not only does this help benefit our members, but also creates a positive and competitive environment.

We believe that Durham is the best city to train for the triathlon, as this beautiful region provides all the various terrains and environments to benefit our training methods. Today, we continue to maintain our strong network within the triathlon clubs of Durham City to help us grow and give us a wider range of advice and support.