Do you live in Durham and the surrounding area and want to join our club? Why not come and join us for a few sessions to see if we’re right for you!

To join Team Durham Triathlon, you don’t need to be a world class athlete or even train in all three disciplines of swimming, biking, and running. In fact, many of our members start their passion by joining the club without experience in one or two of the disciplines. We also have members that compete at national and global levels.

Here at Team Durham Triathlon offers everyone to join and experience the opportunity to train, socialize and compete in a supportive environment. Our regular training sessions in all three disciplines will help you to better achieve your goals in triathlons and sporting success.

We provide continuous sessions to give you the best opportunities to meet new faces and gain the most benefits out of your training experience. We hold sessions for swimming, running and cycling run by our team of qualified coaches.

Whatever your level of fitness of background in sports may be, there is always a place for you here at Tea Durham Triathlon.